The 4th Laboratory, District Centers and Proximity Culture. New Management, Production and Programing Models sheds light on District Cultural Centers and the definition of new models for management and governance, as well as cultural production and programing, in relation to their most immediate surroundings. A framework that will trace lines of action beyond resources, personnel and infrastructures, from a decentralized territorial perspective, paying attention to the search for political consensus, the coordination of the different agents involved, and a sustainable and balanced use of resources. The objective is to enhance institutional permeability, connectivity between networks and agents, knowledge and experience transference between different spaces of creation, connection with the main institutions dedicated to culture and the development of formal spaces for participation.

THE LABORATORIES are thought as a space that enables participation within the institutions and public cultural policies of our city. Launched by the Cultural Area of Madrid’s City Council, they intend to offer a place for dialogue between cultural agents, municipal representatives and citizens. They are meant as an opportunity to work in the design and development of future lines of action and programs.

Since November 2016 until March 2017, the 4th Laboratory will celebrate open public encounters and workshops directed to collectives and professionals working in the field, the latter require submitting an application form, since the spaces are limited. These will take place in three separate sessions.

4th Laboratory Program


November 16th and 17th. Session 1. Diagnostic. 5-9 PM

Centered on the elaboration of an exhaustive and complex diagnostic of the current state of Proximity Culture by analyzing programs and strategies that are introducing innovations in the conception of cultural policies for action and development in District Cultural Centers.

Along 2017 – 4th Laboratory. Session 2: Measures

Centered on the design of specific tools and measures, from the viewpoint of new ways of governance and management models for District Cultural Centers, which enable different ways of relating with the cultural initiatives already in motion in the districts.

Along 2017 – 4th Laboratory. Session 3. Plan for Action

This will be the moment to share the basics elements of the cultural policies of proximity developed during the Laboratories with the citizens involved, and the city in general, and enhance their cooperation.