This lab will look at different ways in which to involve the cultural fabric in public policies, with a view to offering up ideas for the development of institutional arrangements for co-production and participation.

This is the first session of «Labs: Meetings and Workshops for an Open Culture», an initiative led by Madrid City Council’s Department of Culture that addresses a new form of participation in public institutions and policies. In this forum for dialogue with cultural stakeholders, municipal authorities and citizens, participants will work on designing and promoting future actions and programmes.



In recent years there have been several diverse institutional initiatives aimed at incorporating different models of co-production and participation in public cultural policies. This meeting will explore the hurdles for public policies faced with the challenge of developing tools and forums for participation in institutional frameworks.

To this end, speakers will include Natalia Balseiro, a researcher and cultural producer who has headed up the Centro Coreográfico Galego and been part of the management team at MOV-S; Tere Badía, current director at Hangar; Mikel Toral, a municipal government expert on Culture, former Director of Cultural Promotion for the Government of the Basque Country and a member of the Basque Culture Council; and Ana Méndez de Andés, Strategic Planning Advisor for Madrid City Council’s Government Department of Culture and Sport.

  • Moderator: Pablo Martínez, Head of Education and Public Activities at CA2M.
  • Presenters: Celia Mayer, Municipal Delegate for Madrid City Council’s Department of Culture and Sport; and Santiago Eraso, General Director of Cultural Spaces and Content at Madrid Destino.
  • Admission: free until full capacity is reached
  • Streaming:
  • Workshop -Wednesday 18 May. 10am – 2.30pm / 4.30pm – 8.30pm

Workshop – Wednesday 18 May

Workshop aimed at cultural stakeholders in the city with experience in participatory processes, collaborative practices and cultural production. The workshop aims to identify the opportunities and limitations of existing formats of institutional co-production (consensus, work groups, coordinators, etc.); map the needs, desires and expectations of the cultural fabric; and define the features and tools of participation to be developed by the Department of Culture in order to produce a proposal for a road map.

  • Facilitators: Hablar en Arte, Natalia Balseiro, Sofía Coca and Pedro Jiménez from ZEMOS98 and Ricardo Antón from ColaBoraBora.

See video of session


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