The fourth edition of “The Laboratories” opens a space for dialogue in order to create and implement a plan to recover District Cultural Centers. This edition will take place between November 2016 and March 2017, starting with a first encounter on November 16th and 17th. During which, we will elaborate an exhaustive and complex diagnostic of the current state of Proximity Culture by analyzing programs and strategies that are introducing innovations in the conception of cultural policies for action and development in District Cultural Centers.

Currently, the notion of proximity is acquiring a new sense as a field of work linked to processes of citizen participation. This first session of the 4th Laboratory, centered on District Cultural Centers and the definition of new models for management, production and programing, will address the current state of proximity culture as well as its transformative possibilities within an institutional framework. A stance in favor of territorial rebalancing, the support of plurality and diversity within the city’s cultural fabric, and the key role of the citizenry as a cultural agent.

Day 1 – Public Session and State of Affairs. Wednesday November 16th. 5-9 PM.

George Yúdice and Javier Rodrigo (Transductores) will share a general approach to cultural policies for proximity. In addition, there will be a presentation of the current state of affairs by different institutional representatives.
This session is open and inscriptions are not required.
(Free entry, maximum capacity: 140)
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Day 2 – Contrast and Diagnostic. Thursday November 17th, 5-9 PM.

During this second day we shall focus on contrasting and elaborating an in-depth diagnostic, combining political, technical and civic aspects with a general overview of District Cultural Centers. We shall focus on the particular situation of each one of the districts, dealing with the specific challenges that each of their agents face on a daily basis.
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